Why beans are not considered as vegetables?

To avoid the meat portions and to get the same amount of protein in your food you can go with the beans or peas. To get 21 grams of protein in your meal you can go with 1 cup of lentils or 1 cup of black beans. Black beans are powerful as those a small lentils but they are often paired with rice to get the complete protein. Beans are also a great source of starch source for diabetics. Much starch content in the beans is resistant starch and it is slowly digestible one which considerably reduces the overall glycemic effect of carbohydrate in beans. Since the beans are higher in resistant when compared to other grains it ferment the anti-cancer compounds. People who add more beans in their food are tend to have low blood pressure and rich in fibre. The decrease in blood pressure improves the Framingham risk score, a heart disease risk over the next ten years.

Dried beans always serve as grains but legumes are not, you cannot make bread flour from the beans since they are starchy. Pinto beans are the kind of beans which is most famous in United States and north-western Mexico. Pinto bean is a symbol of regional identity among the Mexican Americans they consider beans as meats, so here arises a question are beans vegetables or meat?  Lima beans have some delicate flavour that complements wide variety of other non vegetarian dishes. Dried and canned Lima is available in the market all over the year but they are worth looking for them in the summer. Lima beans are the great source of cholesterol, lowering fiber as most legumes. Lima beans when combined with whole grains such as rice, it provides the virtually fat-free high quality protein. Lima beans are beneficial one due to two factors: the presence of higher amount of absorbing power of slow protein in beans and high soluble fiber content. Soluble fiber always absorbs water in our stomach by forming a gel that slows down the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Lima beans also contains some insoluble fiber, it helps in preventing the disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis.  Lima beans can also increase your energy by the way of helping to replenish your iron stores. Lima beans are best for the women during the menstruating time by providing more iron content and also for the pregnant ladies who needs more iron. You may have doubt that how to replace the red meat in your menu, you can do that by adding lima bean in your food. Lima bean is considered as the Native American dish since they often associated with succotash.  Dried lima beans are generally available in the packed containers as well as bins which you can store for many months. But you have to make sure that there is no evidence of moisture or insect damage in the beans when you buy. Most of the times fresh vegetables are not available in the market, only you can get that from the farmer’s market or grocery stores.



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